Pill Hill


 Pill Hill plays guitar driven, twangy, Americana rock.



 While Pill hill is on break Dan Fowlds has announced a new group called LowRay with James Irving from the British band 22-20's.  They are releasing an album May 12th, 2017 at the 331 club in Mpls.  https://lowray1.bandcamp.com/releases



All veterans of the Twin Cites music scene this band features Dan Fowlds on vocals and guitar, Judd Hildreth on drums and Heath Henjum plays bass.  Jacques Wait and Ben Glaros both play guitar live with the band.

“Twin Cities Americana rockers Pill Hill release their album It Tastes a Little Sweeter, on translucent butterscotch vinyl”.

In a secluded cabin hanging from the cliffs of the shores of Lake Superior, Pill Hill front man and guitarist Dan Fowlds penned much of the album “It Tastes A Little Sweeter”. With the water to soothe his soul and the woods to stoke his song writing fire, the album was written about what was on his mind at the time.  Relationships gone bad and relationships gone right. 

While many of the songs have a singer songwriter perspective and the band’s feet are rooted in Americana, Pill Hill is not a folk rock band. With songs ranging from the Petty-like Even When You’re Blue to the harder edged What You Can’t Have (that may have more in common with Bob Mould than Bob Dylan), this album can rock! 

And with influences from the 70’s, in songs like One Horse Town and Scattered, the album’s cohesive stylings show it’s wide ranging influences. “You can go ahead and call us an Americana rock band”, says Fowlds.  “I’m ok with that.” The tender ballad Sunshine finishes off an album that has wide ranging appeal.

The writing process of the album included not only Dan’s Gibson J50 and his trusty Gretsch 6120 but also fellow Pill Hillers, Judd Hildreth on drums and Heath Henjum on bass.  “I brought a lot of material to the guys and we would hammer out the arrangements together,” Says Fowlds.  All experienced musicians from the Twin Cities, together, they are a formidable band.

The album was recorded at Sacred Heart studio in Duluth and the Terrarium studio in Minneapolis with engineer extraordinaire Jacques Wait of Iguano, (who occasionally sits in on guitar).  As for the color of the vinyl, for the song Butterscotch House, of course!